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Anonymous asked: Advice for wanting to get into japanese lolita/kawaii/fairy kei fashion ?? I'm relatively new to this style but i really like it :)

I’m not intending to sound mean or bossy but I wanted first to say that fairy-kei, lolita and kawaii styles are all completely different from one another. You can wear all of these styles but they are all unique with their own certain looks so please don’t mistake them all in the same category~

Okay, so first of all, throw out any fucks you have to give because you will get stared at/commented on/etc in public. (Not always bad things through!) And the key to owning any fashion style is to have confidence! If you have no fucks to give then people will pick up on this and usually respect your fashion choices more than if you look self conscious. When I first started out I was very self conscious and I would always get mean comments in public, but now that I go out with my head held high and walk around like I know exactly what I’m doing, I only get compliments! (Or at the very least neutral comment)

If you’re just starting out in the style of your choice and aren’t quite sure what to do, it’s most helpful to find someone who’s style you really admire and then try to copy that within your own styling choices! Through trial and error you will see what suits you, what doesn’t and eventually create your own unique style.

I’ve been actively wearing Japanese fashion for about 10 years now and let me say it’s been quite the journey, when I first started wearing lolita fashion I was less than perfect (I still am in fact!) so don’t worry about where you start from. I started wearing fairy-kei and Spank! style about 3-4 years ago and have only recently started to get the hang of it and develop my own style within it.

Overall the best advice I can give in regards to choosing a style is to simply find things that appeal to you and buy them! You’re your own unique person and your personal tastes is what sets you apart from everyone else in the world. Pick the things that you like to wear and that appeal to you and if your style fits into any labeled category then that is just a bonus!

Sorry it’s a bit long, I tend to get passionate about these kind of things, since many people are afraid to embark on their own unique journey when it comes to expressing themselves through fashion. (;´Д`)

I hope this helped! ♥

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Hello there! Sorry for such a late response m(_ _)m The app that I use to edit my photos is called LINE camera! Although the stickers that I use are an extra add-on that you need to purchase~ ꒰⑅•ᴗ•⑅꒱

Hello there! Sorry for such a late response m(_ _)m The app that I use to edit my photos is called LINE camera! Although the stickers that I use are an extra add-on that you need to purchase~ ꒰⑅•ᴗ•⑅꒱

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